About the Public Contract Law Journal

The Public Contract Law Journal is published by the Section of Public Contract Law of the American Bar Association as a service to its members and associate members, and for the benefit of lawyers and laypersons involved in the practice of public contract and grant law at the federal, state, and international levels of government.

The Journal exists within the Section’s legal community as a focal point for the examination of timely legal issues confronting the judiciary, the legislative branches, relevant administrative tribunals, and the bar.  It also seeks to solicit and present the multiplicity of views that exist within the Section.  As a publication of the Section, the Journal’s interests mirror those of its membership.

The Journal is committed to regular publication of articles that present scholarly analyses and insight into issues affecting the broad scope of public contract and grant law.  It is the only law journal dedicated exclusively, yet broadly, to public contract and grant law and related areas of practice.  The Editorial Board’s goal is for each issue to contain high-quality articles that are topical, provocative, and reflect the many views of its diverse membership.

The Journal is published by a practitioners’ Editorial Board of twenty-one members from diverse backgrounds including government, the private bar, in-house counsel, the judiciary, and academia.  Since 1995, through a collaboration between the Section and the George Washington University Law School, a student editorial board has been selected annually to work with the practitioners’ Editorial Board in editing articles approved for publication.  The GW Student Board, in turn, chooses new Journal staff members each year.  In addition to working closely with the ABA practitioner editors on approved articles, GW Student Board members edit the student notes written by members of the Journal staff.  The best of these notes are published in each quarterly PCLJ issue.

Patricia H. Wittie

Disclaimer:  The material contained in the Public Contract Law Journal represents the opinions of the authors and is not necessarily representative of any policy of the ABA or the Section of Public Contract Law.