Volume 30

Number 1, Fall 2000


Remembering Trowbridge vom Baur
George M. Coburn, Marshall J. Doke Jr., Thomas J. Madden, John S. Pachter, William M. Simmons, and Alan Peterson


“Cash versus Credit”: The Application of Federal Appropriations Law to Refunds and Rebates in Contractor Overhead
Richard C. Johnson

Theoretical Delay and Overhead Damages
Michael K. Love

Moot Court

The Sunset of Scanwell Jurisdiction and the Award of Attorney’s Fees to Disappointed Offerors: The Best Briefs from the George Washington University Law School Government Contracts Moot Court Competition
Christopher M. Chaisson, Michael Heyman, Alexandra Hill, and Jonathan Neerman


Limiting the Government’s Exposure to Bid Rigging Schemes: A Critical Look at the Sealed Bidding Regime
Kara L. Haberbush

Bundling into the Millennium: Analyzing the Current State of Contract Bundling
Ishak Akyuz

Book Review

Reviewed by James F. Nagle


Number 2, Winter 2001


Administrative Law Lessons Regarding the Role of Politically Appointed Officials in Default Terminations
Joshua I. Schwartz

Updating the Bayh-Dole Act: Keeping the Federal Government on the Cutting Edge
Diane M. Sidebottom


10 U.S.C. § 2553: Government/Industry Partnering—Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole
Roger Haag

The High Price of Campaign Promises: Ill-Conceived Labor Responsibility Policy
Kelly Herrill and Kate McQueen


Number 3, Spring 2001


2000 Year in Review: Analysis of Significant Federal Circuit Government Contracts Decisions
Robert E. Korroch

Charging Ahead: Has the Government Purchase Card Exceeded Its Limit?
Neil S. Whiteman

Multiple Award Task and Delivery Order Contracting: A Contracting Primer
Cheryl Lee Sandner and Mary Ita Snyder


If You Build It, They Might Stay: Unconscionability in Modern Sports Stadium Leases
Keith Negrin

What if the United Nations Sued the United States?: A Hypothetical Case Analyzing the UN Charter as a Government Contract
Rita Y.B. Carlson

Book Review

Government Contract Law
Reviewed by Richard C. Loeb

Number 4, Summer 2001


Implementation of Public-Private Partnering
Michael W. Mutek

A-76 Cost Comparisons: Overcoming the “Undue Built-in Bias Favoring In-House Performance of Services”
William A. Roberts III, William S. Leith, Janet L. Eichers, and Phillip H. Harrington

No Seat at the Table: Flawed Contracting Out Process Unfairly Limits Front-Line Federal Employee Participation
Robert H. Shriver

State and Local Privatization: An Evolving Process
Donald G. Featherstun, D. Whitney Thornton II, and J. Gregory Correnti

A Privatization Alternative: The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Enhanced-Use Leasing Program
Leigh A. Bradley and David P. Metzger

The Government’s New Model for the Acquisition of Leasehold and Other Interests in Real Property—Using Private Sector Financing for Public Sector Deals
Alex D. Tomaszczuk and Daniel S. Herzfeld

Privatizing and Combining Electricity and Energy Conservation Requirements on Military Installations
Christopher J. Aluotto