Volume 33

Number 1, Fall 2003

Single Subject Issue on Public Contracts & Intellectual Property


Ralph C. Nash Jr.

Fear and Loathing of Federal Contracting: Are Commercial Companies Really Afraid to Do Business with the Federal Government?  Should They Be?
Nancy O. Dix, Fernand A. Lavallee, and Kimberly C. Welch

Comparative Analysis of Intellectual Property Issues Relating to the Acquisition of Commercial and Noncommercial Items by the Federal Government
William C. Anderson

Intellectual Property in Federal Government Contracts: The Past, the Present, and One Possible Future
Diane M. Sidebottom

A Layman’s Guide to Intellectual Property in Defense Contracts
Gregg S. Sharp

Protecting Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software: Applying the Ten Practical Rules and Their Corollaries
Matthew S. Simchak

Uncharted Waters: State Contracting Terms and Conditions, Intellectual Property, and the Homeland Security Era
Robert K. Huffman and Lynda T. O’Sullivan

“Like Toddlers in Big Surf”: Can the Government Control the Effects of Federal Trademark Liability?
David S. Bloch and James G. McEwen

We’re Not Under Title 35 Anymore: Patent Litigation Against the United States Under 28 U.S.C. § 1498(A)
David R. Lipson


Number 4, Summer 2004


Making Federal Information Technology Accessible: A Case Study in Social Policy and Procurement
Christopher R. Yukins

Federal Contracting with Women-Owned Businesses: An Analysis of Existing Challenges and Potential Opportunities
Denise Benjamin Sirmons

Affirmative Action Hiring Obligations: Is It Time for a Race-Neutral Policy or a Race to the Court House?
Joseph C. Fetterman

Rethinking the Presumption of Social and Economic Disadvantage
Sean A. Sabin

Moot Court

Default Termination and Liquidated Damages: The Best Briefs from the McKenna Long & Aldridge Gilbert A. Cuneo Government Contracts Moot Court Competition
Erin Fishman, Meghan DiPerna, and Michelle Garcia