Volume 34

Number 1, Fall 2004


What Is a Procurement?  And Why Can’t DoD and the Courts Get It Straight?
John S. Pachter

Applying the False Claims Act to Commercial IT Procurements
Michael J. Davidson

Soldiers of Qui Tam Fortune: Do Military Service Members Have Standing to File Qui Tam Actions Uncer the False Claims Act?
Dan L. Hargrove

A Critical Look at the Compensation Cost Principle—Stock Options and Restricted Stock
Richard C. Johnson


Transparency in Government Procurement: An International Consensus?
Megan A. Kinsey

The SAFETY Act of 2003: Implications for the Government Contractor Defense
Alison M. Levin

Book Review

Government Contracts Costs & Pricing by Karen Manos
Reviewed by James M. Weitzel Jr.


Number 2, Winter 2005


The Department of Defense’s Section 845 Authority: An Exception for Prototypes or a Prototype for a Revised Government Procurement System?
Thomas C. Modeszto

Killing the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg: Data Rights Law and Policy in Department of Defense Contracts
Christine C. Trend

Judicial Review of “the Best Interest of the United States” Justification for CICA Overrides: Overstepping Boundaries or Giving the Bite Back?
Young Cho


Refining the Source of the Risk: Suspension and Debarment in the Post-Andersen Era
Emily Seymour

AFGE v. United States: The D.C. Circuit’s Preferential Treatment of the Native American Preference in Government Contract Awards
Jessica Lynn Clark

The Security-Conscious Landlord: Understanding the GSA Lease in a Post-September 11 World
Thomas W. Curteman Jr.

Book Reviews

Government Contracts Under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (W. Noel Keyes)
Reviewed by Charles W. Sherrer

Shock and Awe in Fort Worth (Sherryl Elam Tappan)
Reviewed by D. Daniel Dzara II


Number 3, Spring 2005


Darleen Druyun: An Evolving Case Study in Corruption, Power, and Procurement
Jeffrey Branstetter

Revised Circular A-76: Embracing Flawed Methodologies
Mohab Tarek Khattab


The Potential for Criminal Liability in Government Contracting: A Closer Look at the Procurement Integrity Act
Elizabeth Dietrich

Awarding Contracts to Suspended and Debarred Firms: Are Stricter Rules Necessary?
Rachel E. Kramer

Developing Countries: Increasing Transparency and Other Methods of Eliminating Corruption in the Public Procurement Process
Anne Janet DeAses


Number 4, Summer 2005


2004 Year in Review: Analysis of Significant Federal Circuit Government Contracts Decisions
Robert E. Korroch, Francis E. Purcell Jr., Rachel L. Semanchik, and Thomas J. McKee Jr.

Interpreting Government Contracts: Plain Meaning Precludes Extrinsic Evidence and Controls at the Federal Circuit
W. Stanfield Johnson

The Duty to Prevent Waste of Iraqi Assets During Reconstruction: Taming Temptation Through ICJ Jurisdiction
Owen Bonheimer

Moot Court

Termination for Convenience and Fraud: The 2005 McKenna Long & Aldridge Gilbert A. Cuneo Government Contracts Moot Court Competition
Meghan DePerna, David Chung, Joshua Kaplan, and Jaime Singer