Volume 35

Number 1, Fall 2005

In Memoriam: John Cibinic Jr. (1930-2005)
Ralph C. Nash Jr., Joseph A. Vergilio, Gilbert J. Ginsburg, Mary Anne Q. Wood, John S. Pachter, Douglas L. Patin, James F. Nagle, Clarence T. Kipps Jr., and Steven L. Schooner


Organizational Conflicts of Interest: A Growing Integrity Challenge
Daniel I. Gordon

Departing from Hadley: Recovering Lost Profits on Collateral Undertakings in Suits Against the Government
Daniel Patrick Graham

The “No-Waiver” Rule in Government Contracts: A King Who Has No Clothes
Bernard A. Duval

The SAFETY Dance: Balancing the Competing Procurement and Intellectual Property Interests in the Department of Homeland Security
David Daniel Dzara II


Outsourcing Openness: The Problems with Private Processing of Freedom of Information Act Requests
Tiffany A. Stedman

Enforced Separation: Utilizing the False Claims Act to Prosecute Government Contractors Spending Federal Funds in Violation of Church/State Regulations
Randall M. Levine


Number 2, Winter 2006


Confronting the Looming Crisis in the Federal Acquisition Workforce
Shelley Roberts Econom

Most Efficient Organization (MEO) Protest Rights: Due Process Without Purpose
Kerry A. Carlson

Little Goes Too Far: Forfeiture of All Claims Is Not Required
Claude P. Goddard Jr.


Government Contractors: Above the Laws of War?
Adelicia Cliffe Taylor

Friend-of-a-Friendly Fire: A Future Tort Issue of Contractors on the Battlefield
William Spyro Speros

Evaluating Offerors Without Past Performance Information: The Good, the Bad, and the Neutral
Felix Kushnir


Number 3, Spring 2006


The Past and Future Evolution of EC Procurement Law: From Framework to Common Code?
Sue Arrowsmith

Recent Developments in International Trade Agreements Covering Government Procurement
Jean Heilman Grier

Improving the Efficiency of Public Procurement Systems in the Context of the European Union Enlargement Process
Martin Trybus

Constructing a Bid Protest Process: The Choices That Every Procurement Challenge System Must Make
Daniel I. Gordon

Alternatives for the Future of Contingency Contracting: Avoiding a Repeat of the Mistakes of Iraq
Jeffery Alan Green

A Case Study in Comparative Procurement Law: Assessing UNCITRAL’s Lessons for U.S. Procurement
Christopher R. Yukins

UNCITRAL: Reform of the Model Procurement Law
Don Wallace Jr.

The Trade Agreements Act of 1979 versus The Buy American Act: The Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object
John A. Howell

The New European Directives on Public Procurement: Change or Continuity?
Yves Allain

The Impact of U.S. Export Controls and Sanctions on Employment
Linda M. Weinberg and Lynn Van Buren

Winds of Change: European Influences on German Procurement Law
Katharina Summann


Number 4, Summer 2006


2005 Year in Review: Analysis of Significant Federal Circuit Government Contracts Decisions
Robert E. Korroch, Francis E. Purcell Jr., Rachel L. Semanchik, and Thomas J. McKee Jr.

Evolution of the Multiyear Rule Requires Removal of the Five-Year Term Limitation
Keith D. Coleman

Conflict and Intrigue in Government Contracts: A Guide to Identifying and Mitigating Organizational Conflicts of Interest
Keith R. Szeliga


Federal Prison Industry Reform: The Demise of Prison Factories?
John R. McDonald

Contract Bundling: Consolidation Continues to Create Barriers for Small Businesses Despite Regulatory Changes
Kelly E. Buroker

“Buying-In”: Why Externalities Support False Claims Act Liability
Ryan D. Derry

Moot Court

Concession Contracts and Organizational Conflicts of Interest: The 2006 McKenna Long & Aldridge “Gilbert A. Cuneo” Government Contracts Moot Court Competition
Dennis D’Angelo, William Speros, Jillian Morrison, and Kevin Wilkinson