Volume 37

Number 1, Fall 2007


Who’s Making False Claims, the Qui Tam Plaintiff or the Government Contractor?  A Proposal to Amend the FCA to Required That All Qui Tam Plaintiff’s Possess Direct Knowledge
Todd J. Canni

A Case of Study: Procurement by the Peruvian Electoral Agencies
Melissa Cossio

Unethical Conduct in the Performance of International Government Contracts: AWB Ltd. and the United Nationsl Oil-for-Food Programme
Gonzalo Villalta Puig


Government Contract Changes, Third Edition, by Ralph C. Nash Jr. and Steven W. Feldman
Reviewed by James F. Nagle


The Missing Link: The Need for Patent Protection in the Development of Biodefense Vaccines
Heather Petruzzi

The Future of Public Procurement Law in Cuba: Why the UNCITRAL Model Is Havana’s Best Option
Alejandro L. Sarria

Getting Their Money’s Worth: Allowing States into the Court of Federal Claims to Recover Grant Application Proposal Costs
Jacob W. Scott

A Principles-Oriented Approach to Regulating Reverse Auctions
Daniel B. Volk


Number 2, Winter 2008

The European Space Agency’s Procurement System: A Critical Assessment
Ioannis Petrou

Jumping the (Un)Constitutional Gun?:  Constitutional Questions in the Application of the UCMJ to Contractors
Kara M. Sacilotto

Combating Small-Dollar Fraud Through a Reinvigorated Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act
Michael Davidson

The Legal Theory of Competitive Bidding for Government Contracts
Omer Dekel

Editor’s Note: A Response to Omer Dekel’s “Legal Theory of Competitive Bidding”
Christopher R. Yukins

Raising the Hue . . . and Crying: Do False Claims Act Qui Tam Relators Act Under Color of Federal Law?
Isaac B. Rosenberg

Royalty Robbery: How Statutory Supremacy and the Christian Doctrine Require Oil Companies to Pay Royalties on Leases Misses the Deep Water Royalty Relief Price Threshold Clause
Emily Heersink

Contractor Patent Bandits: Preventing the Government from Avoiding 28 U.S.C. Section 1498 Liability for Its Contractors’ Unauthorized Use of Patented Material by Outsourcing One or More Steps of the Process Abroad
Christine Hlavka


Number 3, Spring 2008


A Clause in Search of Meaning: A Critical Dissection of the Price Reductions Clause (Plus Suggestions for Reform)
John A. Howell

Accountability in Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity Contracting
Noah B. Bleicher, Wesley I. Dunn, Daniel I. Gordon, and Jonathan L. Kang

Conquering Uncertainty in an Indefinite World
Marko W. Kipa, Keith R. Szeliga, and Jonathan S. Aronie

Competition Requirements in General Services Administration Schedule Contracts
Robert F. Sherry, G. Matthew Koehl, and Sheila A. Armstrong

Selling Medical Supplies and Services Through the Department of Veterans Affairs Federal Supply Schedule Program
Donna Lee Yesner and Stephen Ruscus

Multiple Award Contract Reservations: The Examination of an Emerging Conflict in Small Business Preferencing
Gerald L. Trepkowski

Are IDIQs Inefficient?  Sharing Lessons with European Framework Contracting
Christopher R. Yukins

Oversight of GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contracts: From Internal Compliance Programs to Civil False Claims Actions
Ron R. Hutchinson

An Effective Compliance Program: A Necessity for Government Contractors Under IDIQ Contracts and Beyond
Carl L. Vacketta and Seamus Curley


Number 4, Summer 2008


2007 Year in Review: Analysis of Significant Federal Circuit Government Contracts Decisions
Thomas J. Madden, John J. Pavlick Jr., Rebecca E. Pearson, Terry L. Elling, Sharon A. Jenks, W. Patrick Doherty, Dismas N. Locaria, and James Y. Boland

Post-Disaster Contracting: An Examination of the Costs Associated with the Stafford Act’s Local Contracting Preference and Implementation Proposals to Maximize Community Revitalization
Jillian L. Morrison

The Year in Sustained Bid Protests at the U.S. Government Accountability Office and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims
Joseph R. Berger

Market Failure and Natural Disasters: A Reexamination of Anti-Gouging Laws
David Skarbek

The Public Procurement System in South Africa: Main Characteristics
Phoebe Bolton


Liability on the Battlefield: Adjudicating Tort Suits Brought by Soldiers Against Military Contractors
Ben Davidson

Striking the Right Balance: Extending CFIUS Review to Private Equity Transactions
Rebecca L. Hinyard

The U.S. Government’s Recent Initiatives to Prevent Contractors from Engaging in Trafficking in Persons: Analysis of Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 22.17
Victoria L. Starks

Human Trafficking and Government Contractor Liability: Is FAR 22.17 a Step in the Right Direction?
John G. Bradbury

Moot Court

Foreign Military Sales: Contract Disputes Act Jurisdiction and Third-Party Beneficiary Issues: The 2008 McKenna Long & Aldridge “Gilbert A. Cuneo” Government Contracts Moot Court Competition
Jospeh R. Oliveri, Steffen Gottlieb Jacobsen, Matthew Chow, and Tara L. Ward