Volume 40

Number 1, Fall 2010


2009 Year in Review: Analysis of Significant Federal Circuit Government Contract Decisions
Thomas J. Madden, William L. Walsh, Jr., J. Scott Hommer III, Lars Anderson, Paul A. Debolt, Terry L. Elling, Robert A. Burton, Rebecca E. Pearson, Dismas N. Locaria, James Y. Boland, Jeffrey M. Chiow, Justin J. Wortman, Maria J. del-Cerro, and Brendan M. Lill

A Versatile Prism: Assessing Procurement Law Through the Principal-Agent Model
Christopher R. Yukins

The Inadequacy of Surety Bid Bonds in Public Construction Contracting
Donavan Bezer

Debarment Is No Longer Private World Bank Business: An Examination of the Bank’s Distinct Debarment Procedures Used for Corporate Procurements and Financed Projects
Todd J. Canni


The Contingency Contracting Corps in Counterinsurgency Operations: Using Money to Effectively Fight Insurgents
Lucas Hanback

Outcome-Based Award Fees: Incorporating Launch and Post-Launch Safety Mechanisms into NASA’s Contractual Incentive Structure
Lia A. Mandaglio

The High Cost of Controlling Corruption: The Achilles’ Heel of the OECD-DAC Methodology for Assessment of National Procurement Systems
Saima J. Zuberi

Accessing China’s Public Procurement Market: Which State-Influenced Enterprises Should the WTO’s Government Procurement Agreement Cover?
Skye Mathieson


In Memoriam: Judge Gene Perry Bond
Cheryl L. Scott

In Memoriam: Eldon H. (Took) Crowell
W. Stanfield Johnson and Kent R. Morrison

In Memoriam: Eileen P. Fennessy
Carol Park-Conroy, Jeri Somers, and Don Featherstun

Number 2, Winter 2011


The Federal Circuit’s Great Dissenter and Her “National Policy of Fairness to Contractors”
W. Stanfield Johnson

Is the Procurement Integrity Act “Important” Enough for the Mandatory Disclosure Rule?  A Case for Inclusion
Timothy M. Cox

Punishing the Penitent: Disproportionate Fines in Recent FCPA Enforcements and Suggested Improvements
Bruce Hinchey

Small Business Contracting in the United States and Europe: A Comparative Assessment
Max V. Kidalov

A Critical Examination of Offsets in International Defense Procurements: Policy Options for the United States
Mark J. Nackman


Too Big to Mitigate?  The Rise of Organizational Conflicts of Interest in Asset Management
Megan A. Bartley

Broken System, Troubled Program: Defense Acquisitions and the KC-X Aerial Refueling Tanker
Collin Paschall

The Dangers of Municipal Concession Contracts: A New Vehicle to Improve Accountability and Transparency
John Ziegler


Number 3, Spring 2011


Path of an Investigation: How a Major Contractor’s Ethics Office and Air Force Procurement Fraud and Suspension/Debarment Apparatus Deal With Allegations of Potential Fraud and Unethical Conduct
David Robbins, Steven A. Shaw, Rodney Grandon, Alice Eldridge, and Brian Sears

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12: A Survey and Discussion of How This National Security Directive May Limit Competition Unnecessarily and Suggestions for Reform
Sondra Bell Nensala

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Cost-Reimbursement Contracts Fall Out of Favor (Again), But Should They?
Kara M. Sacilotto

The Best of Both Worlds: Reciprocal Preference and Punitive Retaliation in Public Contracts
Kingsley S. Osei

Could the Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009 Have Fixed the Problems That Plagued the F-22 Acquisition Project Back in 1981?
Thomas A. Gabriele


Inching Toward Balance: Reaching Proper Reform of the Alaska Native Corporations’ 8(a) Contracting Preferences
Daniel K. Oakes

Become a Fan of Government Procurement on Facebook: How the Federal Government’s Acquisition Workforce Can Use Social Networking Websites to Recruit New Employees
Katherine Calogero

E-Verify: Promoting Accountability and Transparency in Federal Procurement Through Electronic Employment Verification
Danielle M. Kidd

Strengthening the Excluded Parties List System
Aimee A. Albright

Contracting in Health Insurance Exchanges: Improving Implementation with Lessons from the Past
Amy Siadak

Book Review

Robert Morris: Financier of the American Revolution by Charles Rappleye
Review by James F. Nagle

Number 4, Summer 2011


“Other Transaction” Authority: NASA’s Dynamic Acquisition Instrument for the Commercialization of Manned Spaceflight or Cold War Relic?
Surya Gablin Gunasekara

Strict Compliance with Construction Contract Notice Provisions: Detrimental to Contractors and Taxpayers
Paige Spratt

No More “Mad Money”: Salvaging the Commander’s Emergency Response Program
Heidi Lynn Osterbout

Notes and Briefs

Are All Prosecutorial Activities “Inherently Governmental”?: Applying State Safeguards for Victim-Retained Private Prosecutions to Outsourced Prosecutions
Tyler Grove

Recovering Principles: Providing a Bid Protest Forum for Stimulus Funded Contractors to Improve Accountability and Transparency
Jeffrey Lowry

Plea for Penalty: Remediating Contingency Contract Oversight with Existing but Underutilized Regulatory Mechanisms
Jess Oyer

Regulating the Global Marketplace: Why the U.S. Government Must Revise the Current Rules on Contracting with Foreign-Controlled U.S. Businesses
Ryan Peterson

Plain Meaning and Biased Decision Making: The 2011 McKenna Long & Aldridge “Gilbert A. Cuneo” Government Contracts Moot Court Competition
Ashley Barbera, Lucas Hanback, Skye Mathieson, Amy Siadak, Katherine Veeder and John Ziegler

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Paul G. Dembling (1920 -2011)
Ross Dembling