Volume 41

Number 1, Fall 2011


Implied Certification Under the False Claims Act
Michael Holt and Gregory Klass

U.S. Export Controls: Do They Undermine the Competitiveness of U.S. Companies in the Transatlantic Defense Market?
Nadine Tushe

Administrative Contracts Under Saudi Arabian Law
Ayoub M. Al-Jarbou

Competition in the Execution Phase of Public Procurement
Gabiella M. Racca, Roberto Carvallo Perin, and Gian Luigi Albano


Exporting U.S. Tax Dollars and Control: Nation-Building and Its Implications for Public Contracting
Parisa J. Manteghi

A New Appeals Board: Providing Consistency and Clarity in the Growing World of Grants and Cooperative Agreements
Alissa Marque

Toward a More Agile Government: The Case for Rebooting Federal IT Procurement
Benjamin J. Balter

From iPod to e-Waste: Building a Successful Framework for Extended Producer Responsibility in the United States
Sarah Fehm

In Memoriam

Daniel M. Friedman (1916-2011)


Number 2, Winter 2012


Government IT Procurement Processes and Free Software
Marco Iansiti

Going-Going-Green: Strategies for Fostering Sustainable New Federal Buildings
Patrick E. Tolan, Jr.

Implicit versus Explicit Requirements and Independent Research and Development Costs Under ATK Thiokol: Securing the Future of U.S. Technology Investment
Mark J. Nackman

The Reform and Regulation of Public Procurement in Nigeria
Sope Williams-Elegbe

The Revenue Impact of the Two Percent Excise Tax: The Congressional Budget Office Estimates Relating to the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
Nicole R. Best


Lost in the Cloud: Protecting End-User Privacy in Federal Cloud Computing Contracts
Joshua S. Parker

The Bottom of the Smart Weapon Production Chain: Securing the Supply of Rare Earth Elements for the U.S. Military
Ryan P. Carpenter

Congressional Watchdogs or Congressional Puppets? Ensuring Transparency, Integrity, and Reliability in Bid Protests at the Government Accounability Office
Kathleen Ann Kern

Limitations of the Contingency Contracting Framework: Finding Effective Ways to Police Foreign Subcontractos in Iraq and Adghanistan
Carissa N. Tyler


Number 3, Spring 2012


Federal Circuit Year-in-Review 2011: Certainty and Uncertainty in Federal Government Contracts Law
Daniel P. Graham, Brian Walsh, W. Barron A. Avery, Jon Burd, Tracye Winfrey Howard, and Heidi Bourgeois

The Perverse Effect of the Multiple Award Schedules’ Price Reductions Clause
Aaron E. Woodward

“In- or Out-”: The Jurisdictional Confusion over Challenges to Agency Decisions to In-Source Contracted Work
Gabriel D. Soll and Tara L. Ward

Defense Base Act Insurance: Allocating Wartime Contracting Risks Between Government and Private Industry
Hugh Barrett McClean


Make Transparency Your Business: The Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System and Its Implications for Contractors
Jacquelyn L. Stanley

The Small Business Set-Aside Program: Where Achievement Means Consistently Failing to Meet Small Business Contracting Goals
Alicia M. Cullen

Improving Opportunities for Women-Owned Small Businesses in Federal Contracting: Current Efforts, Remaining Challenges, and Proposals for the Future
Kathleen Mee

Settling the Inherently Governmental Functions Debate Once and for All: The Need for Comprehensive Legislation of Private Security Contractors in Afghanistan
Anthony LaPlaca


Number 4, Summer 2012

Death Benefits for Servicemembers: A Case Study on the Department of Veterans Affairs and Its Life Insurance Contract
Philip S. Hadji

Guarding the Guardians: Accountability in Qui Tam Litigation Under the Civil False Claims Act
Sean Elameto

The $435 Hammer and $600 Toilet Seat Scandals: Does Media Coverage of Procurement Scandals Lead to Procurement Reform?
Airon A. Mothershed

Principled or Practical Responsibility: Sixty Years of Discussion
John Bryan Warnock


Another Perspective on Too Big to Debar: BP, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the World Bank
Nolan A. Kulbiski

The Problems with Using Renewable Energy Certificates to Meet Federal Renewable Energy Requirements
Loni Silva

Mission “Critical Function”: Improving Outsourcing Decisions Within the Intelligence Community
Evan Sills

Reducing Pharmaceutical Fraud: In Search of the Cocktail Prescription
Joshua C. Snow