Volume 43

Number 1, Fall 2013

Editor’s Note

Reflections on Comparative Public Procurement Law
Steven L. Schooner


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The EU’s Internal Market, Public Procurement Thresholds, and Cross-Border Interests
Petro Telles

Lessons from Across the Pond: Comparable Approaches to Balancing Contractual Efficiency and Accountability in the U.S. Bid Protest and European Procurement Review Systems
Collin D. Swan

Improving the Effectiveness of State Bid Protest Forums: Going Above and Beyond the Agreement on Government Procurement and Adopting the ABA’s Model Procurement Code
Keith M. Lusby


Breaking the Monopoly: The DoD’s Potential to Reduce Costs in Its Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program
Peter J. Manno

Balancing Goals: FAPIIS’s Effect on Administrative Agreements
Jessica G. Willard

Procuring Protection: Using the False Claims Act to Combat Human Trafficking by Government Contractors
Caitlin Grimmer

The Case for a Systemic Approach to Forest Health, Wildland Fire Risk, Stewardship Contracting, and Federal Procurement Policy
Kate D’Ambrosio


Number 2, Winter 2014


Effective Construction Claim Resolution: Understanding the DCAA
David G. Anderson

Procedural Approaches to Filling Gaps in the Administrative Record in Bid Protests Before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims
David S. Black and Gregory R. Hallmark

Risk Allocation in State Health Care IT Contracting Under the ACA
Daniel P. Graham, Nooree Lee, and Katherine McDonald

The Expansion of Federal Subcontractor Status to Health Care Providers
Constance A. Wilkinson and Selena M. Brady


CMS Rule Creates Burdensome Version of False Claims Act for Medicare Providers and Suppliers
Andrew T. Maxham

Medicaid Under the Affordable Care Act: Fixing the Gaps Before the Revolution
Jayne Leemon

Improving Efficiency and Overcoming Political Influence in Federally Funded Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services Contracts
Samantha Peters

Procuring Votes: The Hatch Act in the Modern Age of Government Contracting
Christopher H. Bell


Number 3, Spring 2014


Reading The Dream Machine: The Untold Story of the Victorious V-22 Osprey by Richard Whittle, in Light of the Defense Acquisition Performance Study
Steven L. Schooner and Nathaniel E. Castellano


Interested, but Not Injured: The Compromised Status of Qui Tam Plaintiffs Under the Amended False Claims Act and the Return of the Citizen Suit
A.G. Harmon

The False Claims Act and Data Rights: What Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Need to Know but Do Not Want to Hear
W. Jay DeVecchio

Origin of the Pieces: How to Determine a Pharmaceutical Product’s “Country of Origin”
Jeffrey Orenstein and Lorraine Campos


Mitigating Counterfeit Electronic Parts Risk: What EPA’s Buy American Checklist Can Teach DoD
George Petel

Electronic Waste Export Regulations: How the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act Can Protect the Defense Supply Chain from Counterfeit Electronic Parts
Yuan Zhou

Introducing New Weapons in the Fight Against Bid Rigging to Achieve a More Competitive U.S. Procurement Market
Lauren Brinker

The Final Frontier: Emergency Procurement in Financial Crises
Caitlin Colesanti


Number 4, Summer 2014


GAO-COFC Concurrent Bid Protest Jurisdiction: Are Two Fora Too Many?
James W. Nelson

Transaction Management: A Systemic Approach to Procurement Reform
Aaron S. Ralph

War Claims and Private Security Contractors: The Strategic and Regulatory Benefits of Paying Host-Nation Claims Against U.S. Contractors
Steven M. Seigel

CICA Stay Overrides at the Court of Federal Claims: What Government Contractors Need to Know
Cameron S. Hamrick an dMichelle E. Litteken


Intellectual Property in an Emerging Commercial Spaceflight Market: Taking Advantage of Other Transaction Authority to Keep Pace with Changing Commercial Practices
R. Locke Bell

Reining in Tax-Delinquent Contractors: How to Increase the Effectiveness of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and the Contracting and Tax Accountability Act
David Sessions

Six-Year Statute of Limitations and Cost Reasonableness: The 2014 McKenna Long &y Aldridge “Gilbert A. Cuneo” Government Contracts Moot Court Competition
Victoria Braga, Allison Geewax, Christopher Bell, Gregory Matherne, Matthew Heck, and R. Locke Bell