Volume 44

Number 1, Fall 2014


Lost and Found: In Search of a Uniform Approach for Selecting Best Value
Timothy Bunting

The Procurement System of the Japanese Space Agency: A Comparative Assessment
Keisuke Shimizu

Promoting Sustainable Development with Canadian Public Procurement
David M. Attwater

Understanding the WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Purchasing Organization: It’s Time to Invite the Elephant Out of the Corner
James W. Nelson and Julia A. LoBosco


Accountability for Private Security Contractor Drone Operators on the U.S.-Mexico Border: Applying Lessons Learned from the Middle East
Katharine Peña

Taking the Jeitinho Out of Brazilian Procurement: The Impact of Brazil’s Anti-Bribery Law
Lindsay B. Arrieta

Plugging Loopholes in State Pay-to-Play Statutes: Creating an Effective Anti-Corruption Law
Monica Njeri Mugure